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About Us

A major paradigm shift of historical significance is happening right now in the economy and finance. New economy is being produced by enormous computational capacity of modern hardware at speeds of trillions operations per second crunching numbers with centillion zeros and forging intricate chains. New crypto economy is born from these chains and we are here to play an important role in its formation.

Tetha Crypto is crypto boutique investment bank with focus on selecting the best projects to be crowdfunded through an ICO. Projects that truly belong to the new space, projects that develop and enhance the blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem. Projects that are financially sound, technologically advanced and beneficial to the community.


Even though crowdfunding was invented to be simple and easy as with many great ideas there is a big gap between original intentions and reality. Today executing a successful ICO is getting more and more difficult. In order to enable the brightest minds on the planet to create and to innovate we are here to focus on everything else to make it happen.

We are here to select only those projects that would truly create value for all stakeholders: investors, community and various players in the economy. When selecting a project we are trying to see into the future as far as we can and therefore we always take the long term view. Same approach is used for managing investor money in various funds that we manage.

We firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, project initiator’s intentions will largely define project outcome. Integrity on all levels is crucial to healthy functioning of any global ecosystem with crypto community not being an exception.


We are a team of seasoned IT professionals, former investment bankers, marketing and PR specialists and blockchain developers together as a group possessing the unique blend of skills required to successfully navigate through the complex cryptoworld of new technology and finance.


  • Private crypto funds: only for qualified investors
  • Private placement
  • Seed capital
  • ICO advisory
  • ICO roadmap
  • Pre ICO fundraising
  • Whitepaper drafting
  • Integrated multi channel marketing campaigns
  • Legal compliance guidance ICO platform selection
  • Escrow services
  • Educational programs, mentorship, conferences and events

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